Researching for LGBTQ Health


Accessible Venues in Toronto

This is a list of physically accessible venues in the city that people can contribute to or use as a resource for event booking. Please feel free to edit the google doc or add venues if you know of any that are not listed.

Accessibility Information

Sexual orientation and gender identity are not the only social determinants of health that affect the lives of LGBTQ2S+ people. For instance, some LGBTQ2S+ people’s identities and thus health are affected by their physical or cognitive/developmental capabilities; some LGBTQ2S+ people live with disabilities. Below are some things our team is committed to doing so that LGBTQ2S+ people with disabilities can collaborate with us and participate in our projects.

Wheelchair Access

Our office is located in a building with an automatic door opening button and an elevator. All of our advisory committee meetings are held at wheelchair accessible locations. If you use a wheelchair and would like to participate in an interview for a project you may come to our office or the interviewer can come to your home.

ASL Interpretation

SL interpretation is available to our interview participants. Please let the interviewer know if you require ASL interpretation.

TTY Services

We are prepared to use Teletypewriter (TTY), Telecommunication Device for the Deaf (TTD) or Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) so that LGBTQ2S+ people with hearing or speech difficulties can participate in our studies.

Scent-free Environment

Our office is a scent-free environment. Some people have allergies to scents. Please do not wear any scents, perfumes or colognes if you are coming to our office.