Researching for LGBTQ Health

Reproductive Options for Trans People

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This fact sheet was made possible through the contributions of the following individuals and organizations:

The trans people and their partners who participated in the Creating our Families Research project

The Creating our Families Research Team:

Lori Ross, Rachel Epstein, Leah Steele, datejie green, Stu Marvel, Lesley Tarasoff, Scott Anderson, Nael Bhanji, Alisa Das, Emily Chen

The Creating our Families Advisory Committee:

Nicole Nussbaum, Mark Knauf-Nakamura, Robin Fern, Omo Akintan, Chris Veldhoven Dr. Norman Barwin, Dr. Anthony Auyeung, Dr. Clifford Librach, Dr. Sergey Moskovtsev, Debbie Davies, Jan Silverman, Dara Roth Edney, Dr. Marjorie Dixon, Dr. Alfonso Del Valle, Dr. Tamer Said

Trans people and Reproductive Options Working Group:

datejie green, Ayden Scheim, Jordan Zaitzow, Scott Anderson, Nicola Brown, Racquel Bremner, Marvelous Muchenje, Syrus Marcus Ware, Nicole Nussbaum, Rachel Epstein, Rupert Raj

Factsheet Sub-group:

Ayden Scheim, Jordan Zaitzow, Scott Anderson, Syrus Marcus Ware, Nicola Brown, Dr. Norman Barwin

Factsheet Writers:

Ayden Scheim, Margaret Robinson, Scott Anderson

Community and service provider reviewers:

j wallace, Chris Veldhoven, Robin Fern, Sherbourne Health Centre’s Trans Health Work Group, Women’s Health in Women’s Hands Clinical Team