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Two-Spirited Roundtable Discussion Series

The idea for a two-spirited roundtable discussion series emerged when advisory committee members on the Risk and Resilience Study of Bisexual Mental Health raised issues of colonialism. “They were absolutely right,” Dr. Margaret Robinson admits. “If we were going to make a difference for two-spirited people we needed to start from an Aboriginal framework.” Margaret is a Mi’kmaw woman whose ancestors hail from the Lennox Island reserve in Prince Edward Island.

The project held roundtable discussions in Timmins and Ottawa, Ontario, as well as supplementary one-on-one interviews with two-spirited people. These data are now being analyzed with community partners.

This roundtable series was produced with the assistance of Blu Waters, a two-spirited traditional teachings counsellor, and Louis Esme Cruz, a Mi’kmaq/Acadian two-spirited educator and artist who collaborates with the Native Youth Sexual Health Network. “Blu and Louis first raised the issues for our team, and it was great to have this opportunity to work with them,” Margaret says. “Their political insight was really key, and their traditional knowledge and community connections were invaluable.”


  • Louis Cruz
  • Blu Waters
  • Dr. Lori Ross
  • Dr. Janet Smiley
  • Dr. Margaret Robinson

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Funded by a Canadian Institutes of Health Research fellowship in Aboriginal Methodologies and by grants from the Evidence Exchange Network.

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