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We're hiring peer research assistants for a study of 2SLGBTQ+ peoples' experiences accessing social assistance

Area of Research: 2SLGBTQ+ Peoples' Experiences Accessing Social Assistance

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Universal Health Care

How Universal Health Care Fails Queer Communities | The Walrus

Early one October, Nick North arrived at a Calgary hospital feeling a mix of fear and excitement. He had long felt that his body did not match who he was inside: he had been assigned female at birth but did not identify as a woman, and the day had finally come for his gender-affirming top surgery, a procedure to masculinize his chest. The complete story appears in The Walrus.

Queering Parenthood: Resources for LGBTQ families & the people that care for them

Queering Parenthood

After almost three years, we are happy to share some of our results from our Postpartum Wellbeing Study! In addition to launching the website that will house our results, we also wanted to connect the findings to other work our team and partners have been doing in the area of LGBTQ+ family health and research. Check out the Queering Parenthood website.

Postpartum Wellbeing Study

Postpartum Wellbeing Study Advisory Committee Meeting

In April 2016, we had our final Advisory Committee meeting where we shared some of our results from the Postpartum Wellbeing Study. Check out our newsletter or YouTube if you're interested in hearing more about these developments!

Fact Sheets Available from our Risk & Resilience Study!

The Risk and Resilience Study surveyed bisexual people across Ontario about their mental health and experiences with mental health services. In total, 421 bisexual people participated in the online survey and over 40 people were interviewed in person.

Part of these findings help us generate 3 Fact Sheets: Mental Health and Substance Use among Bisexual Youth in Ontario, Bisexual People in Ontario and Their Experience of Mental Health Support, and Experiences of Aboriginal People in the Risk and Resilience Study. Feel free to print and share these resources with your communities today, and join us on Facebook and Twitter to continue the conversation!

This is Our Community: Bisexual Ant-Stigma Videos

We're excited to share the This is Our Community: Bisexual Anti-stigma Videos with you! We created a series of videos that feature bisexual people with their friends, family and partners about how these loving and supportive relationships make a difference in their lives and help them navigate the challenges of being bisexual. Check them out.

Anti-stigma Poster Campaign

Learn more about the posters, including where you can get your own!

We're excited to share the This is Our Community: Bisexual Anti-stigma Poster Campaign with you! Learn more about the posters, including where you can get your own!